Gas Compressor Noise Enclosure

Natural gas compressor stations are usually installed at a already existing line, these gas compressors though are extremely loud and have a low frequency drown which is a different sound to tackle than others.


A natural gas compressor was just put online when a whole neighborhood started complaining to the city that the noise coming from the gas compressor. Especially to nighttime the sound was unbearable. The city tried to mitigate noise with a metal wall, which was not very successful. The city called All Noise Control for help.


A solution had to be found quickly, could not be too costly and had to reduce sound to big extent.


Sound measurements were taken and showed between 40 and 46 decibel at night.

The new 1300 horsepower compressor was creating noise at the property line of 59 dBA. This even exceeded the city code.


We recommended a full steel sound enclosure, completely outfitted with access doors and silenced ventilation. This is the best option for a difficult low frequency drone as the one built in these kinds of gas compressors.


The city was pleased with the recommendation of the full steel sound enclosure the goal of reducing the sound was even exceeded by 5 dBA. The city was extremely happy with All Noise Control and asked for more projects to be soundproofed.