Acoustic Blanket Door Cover

US Coast Guard Effectively Resolves Their Noise Control Issue of Noise Traveling Through Double Doors….

 The Problem….

It may seem simple, even easy, but we receive a lot of inquires about people unable to pinpoint and resolve noise problems. They often can be significantly reduced by treating doorways and openings. The US Coast Guard facility in Kent, WA had similar problems. Noise was travelling through a manufacturing area into office corridors with constant noise interruptions.

The Solution…

Upon contacting All Noise Control we showed them the options and acoustic properties of our ANC-AB2DC – Quilted Fiberglass Door Panel. Standard or custom sizes with windows and any variation of door handle and key holes was a simple, cost effective solution. Our ANC-AB2DC blanket was trimmed and finished to their double door measurements and was installed quickly.

The Result…
Immediately the noise was quieted and a healthy, productive level of quiet spread through the facility. Our quilted fiberglass door blankets steadily achieve STC ratings of 29 and coupled with other noise absorption and barrier products can control even the loudest of noises.

Understanding the Acoustics of Enclosures

Soundproofing doors is easier when you understand the acoustics involved.  Sound waves travel freely through the air until they are stopped or changed by something in their path.  There are different methods and soundproof materials for accomplishing this.

Damping or absorbing the sound waves with sound absorption blankets, sound panels, or other soundproof materials such as acoustic tiles or soundboard

Blocking the sound with heavy, thick walls

Using two walls separated by thick insulating soundproof material

Whether you are soundproofing doors in factories, production facilities, industrial facilities, theaters or daycare centers, an expert on the acoustics of soundproof materials can help you choose the best method for your room.

Acoustic Blanket Door Cover Panel

Acoustical Door Cover Panels are designed to be attached to any existing door to significantly improve the sound transmission loss ability of the door and its frame. Soundproofing door cover panels overlap the door and extend beyond the frame to prevent acoustical leaks. They have a cut out for the door handle, slits to fit around the hinges and Velcro sewn onto the back for quick and easy installation.

  • Class A (or 1) Flammability Rated per ASTM E84
  • Available colors: gray, white, black, or tan


Typically used to complete the acoustical treatment of a room by addressing the leaks that a traditional door present. Windows can be installed on the door panels, at required locations, to offer an unobstructed view of traffic entering and exiting the door.

Description The ANC-AB1 soundproofing door cover panel consists of a layer of vinyl-coated-fiberglass-cloth faced 1” quilted fiberglass decoupler/ a non-reinforced 1-lb psf loaded vinyl barrier septum/ a layer of vinyl-coated-fiberglass-cloth faced 1” quilted fiberglass sound absorber

  • Flammability Flame Spread: 22.78
  • Smoke density: 30.56
  • Nominal thickness 2.08 inch
  • Temperature range -20 ° to +180 ° F
  • Width as required
  • Length as required
  • Weight 1.5 lb psf